As Malls Die Out, Who Will Want to Leave Home?

The dollars walked away from the downtowns first, and now they’re leaving the malls. I was in a mall the other day, and even though it was after Black Friday and prime Christmas shopping season, it was far from crowded or what you might call bustling. It was a leisurely experience in many ways, but also sobering as we noted the growing number of empty stores. Among the things I used to dread about Christmas shopping were [...]


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When More Stuff Isn’t That Important Anymore

Check out the horror stories from one of the most abused segments of our population—people 55 and older. People invest for decades into a retirement plan and, just like that, it all goes away. It may be an unscrupulous or incompetent employer or that investment specialist in your town who, as it turns out, didn’t know what he was doing. As Baby Boomers we were taught by our parents and grandparents to work hard and be loyal. Loyalty is [...]


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