Uplifting and Downhearted Songs of the Season

Rockin' through Christmas by lampooning Santa and even grandma. It is exactly a week until Christmas day as I write this, so I’m taking the liberty of calling this my Christmas blog. That gives me the option of taking the next week off and then picking up with either a looking-back-at-2021 commentary or looking ahead to 2022. I had hoped, as things started getting back to normal this fall, that we would finally be free of the [...]


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Looking Back at the Lyrics of Our Lives

Every generation has the songs and lyrics that remind us of the events and feelings we may have forgotten otherwise.  There are song lyrics that get you right where you live. As a kid, I remember Chuck Berry singing a song that basically told the older generation, namely our parents, to back off. This is our music, as crude as you may think it is, and you can have your Big Band music and your symphonies. "Roll [...]


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“Is It All Right If We Sing Some Christmas Carols?”

 Even a rockin’ Santa can fuel Christmas spirit during this  holiday season of the pandemic. The snow was starting to pile up last Wednesday evening — a prelude to the storm that was to dump almost two feet of snow at our particular location and at least another foot elsewhere within our rural county. A large SUV pulled up in the driveway and we could hear the excited voices of children and the trampling of footsteps on [...]


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