Will Small Contractors Survive Virus Crisis?

Your local contractor may be struggling to get his foot in the door for emergency relief. There are a lot of things I enjoy about living in a small town, not the least of which is knowing most everyone personally or by reputation. If you don’t really know who someone is, there is someone you know who does. The same can’t be said of life in urban America. For one thing, we seem safer here from this [...]


Don’t Burn Your Bridges after the Beep

I’ve done some blogs for a career coaching website, giving tips on how to land jobs. It’s a little weird, I must confess, because I haven’t done a formal job interview since the late seventies. Here’s an example of the kind of stuff I did, and I offer it because it contains legitimate good advice for anyone leaving voice messages they hope will impress a potential employer or client. Let’s say Hank Abramson, the human resources director, is fronting [...]


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