Here’s to That Quiet Minority of Real Heroes

Talk is cheap and real heroes typically have little to say. I’ve come to learn, as a Vietnam vet, that the real heroes of that ill-advised war are a silent, almost invisible group. The guys who do all the talking, all the bragging, their license plates personalized and their vehicles papered with stickers trumpeting their veteran status and affiliations, aren’t necessarily the real heroes. This is not only true of Vietnam, but of Korea, World War II [...]


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Surviving Evil: Escape from the South Tower

Jeremy with wife, Karen, and nephew, Ben. Learning strengths of being a survivor. September 11th seldom passes without notice in our household, which has dwindled to an elderly couple in an empty nest. We were 19 years younger, still adjusting to the youngest of our two kids embarking on a career after college, when our world was rocked— mine while covering my news beat at the county courthouse and my wife in her classroom at the local [...]


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