They’re Hooked on “A Feeling” about Election Fraud

Winks and nudges to keep the woke mob at bay. The most highly sought state-level office across these United States —27 state races with 119 Republican and Democratic candidates from Alabama to Wyoming as we approach the dreaded 2022 Primary Elections—is that of Secretary of State. It is a battle for control of our democratic process—namely, the sanctity of our votes—with Republican Conservative candidates blatantly anointing Trump as the party savior while continuing to promulgate the election [...]


Blacklisted, Bothered and Bewildered Am I

Waiting to be hauled away to Facebook Jail. The last few weeks of Wednesday blogs— actually the past month— I noticed that when I posted my blog on Facebook that an ominous message immediately declared: “Blacklisted.” Now I’ve heard of people being blacklisted or banned for spewing nasty, unfounded accusations or crazy conspiracy theories that could be perceived as treasonous or seditious. The latter has become a major issue since the storming of the Capitol building on [...]


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Blame Game: “The Devil Made Us Do It!”

What starts with a big lie may have diabolical  consequences. I understand there were a lot of decent people gathered in Washington Wednesday at the urging of the President with an assurance that things were sure to get “wild.” This was supposed to be a protest of the final congressional confirmation of Joe Biden as President and the formal passing of the presidential baton. This movement has been based on a big lie since even before the [...]


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