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Blacklisted, Bothered and Bewildered Am I

Waiting to be hauled away to Facebook Jail. The last few weeks of Wednesday blogs— actually the past month— I noticed that when I posted my blog on Facebook that an ominous message immediately declared: “Blacklisted.” Now I’ve heard of people being blacklisted or banned for spewing nasty, unfounded accusations or crazy conspiracy theories that could be perceived as treasonous or seditious. The latter has become a major issue since the storming of the Capitol building on [...]


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Blame Game: “The Devil Made Us Do It!”

What starts with a big lie may have diabolical  consequences. I understand there were a lot of decent people gathered in Washington Wednesday at the urging of the President with an assurance that things were sure to get “wild.” This was supposed to be a protest of the final congressional confirmation of Joe Biden as President and the formal passing of the presidential baton. This movement has been based on a big lie since even before the [...]


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