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As Malls Die Out, Who Will Want to Leave Home?

The dollars walked away from the downtowns first, and now they’re leaving the malls. I was in a mall the other day, and even though it was after Black Friday and prime Christmas shopping season, it was far from crowded or what you might call bustling. It was a leisurely experience in many ways, but also sobering as we noted the growing number of empty stores. Among the things I used to dread about Christmas shopping were [...]


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Getting a Step Ahead of the Running Boom

Where were the real Camptown Races? This version making its own history. I grew up in Camptown, PA, and was there when this strange concept of people running through the woods for several miles was devised as the theme around which to build a community event and fund-raiser. When I say I was there, I should point out I was just a kid, but like everyone else in the village I had a job to do. It [...]


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