Branding: Taking the Name Game Seriously

Your name is your brand. I learned that lesson repeatedly during my four decades on the news staffs of three different newspapers.  As a news reporter or editor, if you mess up somebody’s name, you may nullify a lot of hard work and severely damage the credibility of a story. After all, if you can’t get a name right, what else did you mess up? Putting a lot of thought into the names we choose. Just because [...]


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What’s Behind All those Empty Pews?

I  was recently called upon to deliver a sermon in my church. It was an emergency fill-in because the pastor and lay leader, both unavailable, had figured that I, as a long-time newspaper reporter and editor accustomed to deadlines, could put something together that wouldn’t result in raucous dissention in the pews. I reluctantly agreed, despite several good reasons not to, because I knew my God-fearing and conscientious church-attending parents in Heaven would want me to do it. It [...]


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