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social media content writing Wes Skillings

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Latest company updates and industry news.

social media content writing Wes Skillings

St. Patrick: Snakes, Pagans and Green Beer

By |March 15, 2023|Categories: Green Beer, Ireland, Leprechaun, Saint Patrick, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

Cheers to St. Patrick, Ireland's Patron Saint from England. I’m not big on conspiracies, but it seems to me St. Patrick’s Day is getting the shaft. I’m ranking it No. 5 behind Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Easter. Halloween is for kids and future diabetics. Check out the top ten lists of our most popular holidays, and it’s not on any of them. It is ranked behind Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day and even Labor Day. Nobody wants to [...]


Yukking It Up with Artificial Intelligence

By |March 5, 2023|Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Humor, Language, Learning, Minds, Politics, Social Issues, Social Media|Tags: , , , |

Will artificial intelligence mimic a human's sense of humor? It seems that, all of a sudden, artificial intelligence is about to change life and humanity as we know it. Who is going to need writers, poets, artists, musicians, composers, philosophers, and even preachers when artificial intelligence is about to mine the best we have within us, including any thoughts and theories ever recorded or visuals created on canvasses and movie screens since the first stick figures were drawn on cave walls? [...]


Friendships Fade as Living Pulls Us Apart  

By |February 19, 2023|Categories: Aging, Companionship, Friends, Vietnam, War|Tags: , , , |

Note: This is an updated version of a Memorial Day blog I wrote about five years ago, both celebrating and mourning personages of the past who can only be reached by memories today. It’s funny how people in your life are there, flashing bright, briefly and with intensity, and then they are gone. This is especially true of military service in general and wartime duty in particular. You mourn the loss of guys you were close to— literally a “band of brothers,” as [...]


Reaching Back in Time for Some Random Observations

By |February 2, 2023|Categories: Aging, Opinions, Phrases, Respect, Social Issues, Words|Tags: , , , , |

I often look through past commentaries to make sure I’m not repeating myself— not just the topics but the wording as well. I’ll write something and it seems too familiar. Am I repeating myself? Lots of people repeat themselves in conversations— telling the same jokes, making the same points— so it’s logical that writers occasionally do the same thing. This time I thought I might purposely repeat myself, with random observations from columns and blogs written over the span of a couple of [...]


Get Over the Anger; Get on with What’s Left in Your Life

By |January 18, 2023|Categories: Aging, Anger, Baby Boomers, death, Diet, Happiness, Hope, Politics, Retirement, Unity|Tags: , , , , , |

So much to be angry about and so little time. Okay, everybody. I just want you to tune in and mellow out, as they said in the commune before it was time-shared into a condo. Take a few deep breaths and count to ten. Now tell me, as calmly as you can: Why are we all so angry? Why all the sputtering and spitting? Have things really reached such a sad state? How is it that we’ve become the Whining States [...]


What’s In a Name? Just about Everything

By |January 3, 2023|Categories: Children, Family, Grandparents, Names, Namesakes|Tags: , |

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare may have seen the process of naming as irrelevant based on Juliet’s soliloquy stated above. I beg to differ as I start out 2023 with a topic I explored about seven years ago. Naming can be both mystical and empowering. It may move you to tears, as it often does when the names of victims are read aloud on anniversaries of tragedies such as [...]


What’s So Bad about Being Alone?

By |December 1, 2022|Categories: Aging, Companionship, death, Health, Loneliness, Memory|Tags: , , , , |

Don’t be lonely too long or you might not have long to be lonely. Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight…— Roy Orbison Are you lonesome tonight? — Elvis Presley All by myself. Don’t wanna be all by myself.— Eric Carmen (covered by Celine Dion) Synonyms for loneliness and being lonesome include desolation, forlornness, reclusiveness and friendlessness. Just being alone doesn’t make all of us lonely or longing for companionship. Sometimes it can be quite pleasurable after a chaotic [...]


Beating Odds (and Oz) Despite a Strained Brain

By |November 15, 2022|Categories: Brain, Fairness, Health, Medicine, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Politics, Republicans, Strokes, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

Recovering from a stroke—an attack on the brain—is a tough way to run for the U.S. Senate. The most indelible story of the recent midterm election, other than what appears to be a rejection of election denial and most candidates running on that premise, might be called the Ballad of John Fetterman. It revolved around the stroke that befell him just four days before the May Primary from which he emerged with the Democratic nomination for one of the two U.S. [...]


Voting: It’s a Privilege to Do the Right Thing

By |November 7, 2022|Categories: Campaign Rhetoric, Constitution Rights, Elections, History, Politics, Uncategorized, Voting|Tags: , , , |

Despite jokes about dead people voting, election security is strong. It’s been quiet on the American front for many years now. Or so it seems. Even as I absorb the reality of observing three quarters of a century of a blessed life, I don’t think of myself as having lived through any great historical movements that dramatically changed the course of American life. Looking back, I guess when something is part of your past you don’t think of it as history. [...]


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