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social media content writing Wes Skillings

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social media content writing Wes Skillings

Older but Wiser? We Can Only Hope

By |September 21, 2023|Categories: Aging, Baby Boomers, death, Democrats, Humor, Old Age, Politics, Presidency, Republicans|Tags: , , , , , |

Are too many on Capitol Hill over the hill? I haven’t been writing blogs as often as I did a year or two ago, mostly because the world, especially the political world, has gone wacky. I can’t even make fun of this wackiness anymore, because these people are serious, and there are a lot of them out there. I should be enthused that, at this point, at least, two dudes much older than I will probably be running for President next [...]


Trials of Following the Greatest Generation

By |August 22, 2023|Categories: Baby Boomers, Donald Trump, Gen-Y, Greatest Generation, History, Joe Biden|Tags: , , |

Why the long face? A tough act to follow for Baby Boomers. I’m not so sure I like being a Baby Boomer, but I can’t do much about it. Considering that the age group preceding us is known collectively as the Greatest Generation, it seems to me that, by comparison at least, the Baby Boomer moniker is not flattering. This is a subject I pursued in a previous decade as a newspaper column, and I’m returning to the topic with a [...]


Is It too Late to Save American Democracy?

By |August 22, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

Crybabies wailing for their perceived rights have replaced those who respect democracy and the Constitution. I think it is essential, if America is to continue as a shining light, to bring a little respect back to the democratic process. It’s easy to say that these people representing our interests in Washington, D.C., and even Harrisburg, have not earned our respect, but they are our creations. We tend to forget that no president was the target of more vitriol than Abraham Lincoln. [...]


Limited to Running in My Dreams

By |July 28, 2023|Categories: Aging, Fitness, Running|Tags: , , , |

I’ve been fortunate so far in my life to have lived this long and I’m still quite healthy. Running for fun and fitness is a relatively recent American pastime. Sure, both knees have been replaced, which means I don’t do much running anymore. I should say I don’t do any running. On occasion, I’ll start to break into a trot, and it doesn’t feel quite right, so I downshift to a walk. I suspect that if I really had to— say [...]


Hurtful and Hateful Humor Returns to American Politics

By |June 28, 2023|Categories: Campaign Rhetoric, Congress, Conservatives, Elections, Trump|Tags: , , , , , |

It’s one of the things that has made America great. Humor can be the great equalizer— from the wisecracking GI coping with wartime stress to the disaster victim refusing to submit to self-pity. It’s even prevalent in politics and government, though carefully rendered in political campaigns with mixed results. We think of Ronald Reagan, 73, and the oldest person ever to run for President at the time (both Trump and Biden were older in the last election) in the 1984 debate against 56-year-old [...]


A Different Take on Guns and Shooting

By |May 30, 2023|Categories: Definitions, English, Gun Control, Language, Phrases, Shooting, Vocabulary, Words|Tags: , , , , |

This is no shooter, but when I’m done you’ll be shot. There are few issues more divisive than gun control, which is itself a term devoid of a simple meaning. The generally accepted definition is “restricting or limiting the sale or possession of firearms.” A firearm is usually a rifle or pistol, but guns include everything that shoots some kind of projectile, including cannons and missile launchers. They are the big guns. Guns can also shoot water like squirt or water [...]


Flattered by a Nonhuman Book Critic

By |May 17, 2023|Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Brain, ChatGPT, Conspiracies, Democracy, Technology|Tags: , , , |

Who needs brains when you can just ask ChatGPT? I have been remiss in my blogging of late, and I can blame some of it on promoting “Mosaic Pieces,” my true crime book that is not yet a national bestseller. It has received a great reception from those who have read it, and I’m looking forward to a June 3 signing in Williamsport, PA— the city where the murder case was tried way back when. There are still strong opinions about [...]


Harking Back to My Apathetically Active Years

By |April 20, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

Spring is springing, if not completely sprung, here in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania in the dwindling days of April. The hum, whine and sometimes roar of gas- and electric-powered mowers —large, small, pushed, and ridden—reminds me of what is coming. Most of my lawn has chosen not to grow to a height that cries out for trimming, but then there are those patches that have sprouted like mini jungles crying out to be The leaves of autumn aren't quite as vibrant [...]


History: A Fertile Garden of Good and Evil

By |March 29, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

I grew up believing that all of us who are sound of mind have a sense of humanity in common. We’re more alike than different, my mother insisted, regardless of religion, race and politics. It’s about our shared membership in the human race. God didn’t create a species of saints and sinners who didn’t have the capacity to get along with one another despite the gift of being able to think and act independently. Even though we were granted the privilege of free [...]


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