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Confessions of a Sleep Lover

I like sleeping. There, I admitted it. I’m tired of being ashamed of what is actually a noble pursuit and something at which I excel. It’s not that I sleep more than everyone else, but I do it so well and hate to give it up in the morning. One learned 17th Century author, Sir Thomas Browne, compared sleep to a death that we experience daily and, like death, it is something from which we may never emerge. You know [...]


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When More Stuff Isn’t That Important Anymore

Check out the horror stories from one of the most abused segments of our population—people 55 and older. People invest for decades into a retirement plan and, just like that, it all goes away. It may be an unscrupulous or incompetent employer or that investment specialist in your town who, as it turns out, didn’t know what he was doing. As Baby Boomers we were taught by our parents and grandparents to work hard and be loyal. Loyalty is [...]


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Saying What We Mean— Sometimes Twice

Although my business name is evidence to the contrary, I am not one to overplay the “skill” that is part of my surname. I suppose it comes across as boastful to proclaim that my “skill” is “unlimited,” but I never really meant it to be taken seriously. The name of my copywriting business happens to be SkillUnlimited, LLC, which only means that I lack imagination and like jamming two words into one that isn’t. My daughter, who also is in [...]


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Facing Life’s Only Mandatory Appointment

When we say something is a matter of life or death, we are talking about something exceedingly urgent. Death, of course, is irrevocable while life, though something you supposedly get to experience just once, may be comprised of many stops and starts. I say life is “supposedly” a one-time thing, because there are very spiritual people who believe the soul lives on and on, experiencing many lives until its lessons are learned. Most mainstream religions believe in everlasting life, [...]


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One of 26,000 with TBI and Still Unique

As you may find on this website, I have written a book about traumatic brain injury (TBI). “A Matter of Recovery” is available online on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s about man named C.B. Miller and the journey he has been on for more than two decades. The publishing company’s marketing campaign began recently, including a book signing at the annual conference of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania? I think it is a book well worth [...]


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After the Boom: United We Stand— Warts and All

I know the range of age for retired people grows wider and wider with each passing year. For starters, people retire a lot earlier than they used to and, of course, as a group we live longer. This is the domain of the Baby Boomer, whose legions began marching beyond the traditional retirement age of 65 in 2011. The first group of Baby Boomers was born in 1946— the year following the demise of World War II. Most of [...]


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Here We Go! Cheering Steelers at the Super Bowl

To secure a seat, he’d had to get there before noon for a game that didn’t start until seven hours later. Since he was by himself, he was afraid to even leave his stool for fear it would be claimed by someone else when he returned. That’s a long time to abstain from the bathroom.

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Like It or Not, Words Fuel Violence

I know there are liberals who are using the shootings to try to gain political advantage over the conservative right, and that, too, is reprehensible. But, to be candid, the conservative right is more prone to violent rhetoric.

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Smoking’s Demise Approaches Slowly but Surely

In the thirties, forties and fifties, people were advised to smoke Camels “for digestion sake” and Old Gold pledged “not a cough in the carload.” Camel was not only denying it was unhealthy but was telling people in the 1940’s that smoking was good for you “More doctors smoke Camel than any other cigarette. This is no casual claim. It’s an actual fact.”

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Alzheimer’s: Something to Campaign About

Plenty of people were celebrating the day after the election, but it wasn’t because of who won or lost. It meant the first full day of not having to read, watch or listen to those horrible campaign ads which grew in intensity and hostility as the election approached.Targeted in many of the ads were people who are 60 and older. There were a lot of scare tactics about how the opposition was going to trash their Social Security, heist [...]


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