Getting Together

TechnologyThanks to transformable and improving technology, there are all kinds of ways to work with you, and SkillUnlimited is only a few minutes away from you and your writing project. We’ll adapt to the technology, at least as it applies to dealing more effectively with our clients, and in the manner that works best for you. Wes Skillings is the copywriter on the other end, so just ask for Wes. Following are the ways we can get together and do business:

Via Phone: When we can’t meet face to face, this is the best way to get to know each other and learn about your project and demands.

—570-702-1344 —our direct business number that will put you in contact with Wes. If you need to leave a message, he’ll get back to you within 24 hours during the standard business week and hours and by the next business day if you call on a weekend or in the evening.

—570-746-1798— This is a land line. Sometimes if there are technical difficulties or other reasons for a more secure line, this may be the way to go. In the event of an extended interview or a conversation involving confidential issues, you may prefer this option. However, this is also doubles as a residential line, and we’ll respond to your messages here, too.

570-746-3558— This is the Fax line, and you may prefer to send non-digital copy, graphics  or photos in this manner. Of course, that means we can fax stuff to you, too, at the drop of a proverbial hat, if such an option is needed.

Via Email: Nothing works better than email when we need to trade information and make certain we have it right. You can see the writing for the project as it develops and quickly respond with amendments or editing suggestions. Word document attachments are the preferred way, but Wes will also communicate within the body of the email for the software challenged.— This is the link from the website and the priority email address for SkillUnlimited. It is a Google website.— This is the backup option in the event there is a problem with the Google website or network.

Via Skype: If, for some reason, we need a teleconference option, we can schedule it through Skype.

Face-to-Face: If it is important for Wes to come to you, that is also an option. Obviously, this may entail travel and mileage expenses, as well as increased billing time, but there are situations where being there first-hand, dealing with department heads and employees and getting a feel for the operation and business philosophy, may be invaluable for the writing project. As a veteran journalist, Wes Skillings is intimately familiar with this approach.

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